How to make winter melon juice to lose weight safely and effectively at home

Winter melon juice is not only a refreshing drink but also widely used as a safe and effective weight loss secret.

Traditional winter melon juice

Ingredients for making winter melon juice

  • Winter melon: 1 melon

  • Seasoning: Salt, Diet Sugar

How to make winter melon juice

Step 1: Preparation

Buy melons are peeled, gutted, washed, cut into small pieces and then steamed to get water faster. Or put in a pot and boil for 3 minutes.

Sơ chế bí đao

Preparing winter melon

Step 2: Strain the juice

Juice the winter melon after cutting it up and adding some filtered water. You can use a blender to mix if you don't have a juicer, then filter the water and throw the leftovers away.

Ép bí đao lấy nước

Strain winter melon to get water

You pour it into a glass after straining is finished, then top it with sugar and salt. Stir well, and you're ready to go!

Finished product

Nước ép bí đao thanh mát

Cool winter melon juice

Just like that, you have a refreshing glass of winter melon juice. Drinking between 0.2 and 0.5 liters of winter melon juice daily will have a rapid weight-loss effect if you wish to reduce weight.

Winter melon juice with honey

Ingredients for making winter melon juice with honey

  • 300g winter melon

  • 15ml honey

  • 10g diet sugar

  • 1g salt

  • Ice

Nguyên liệu làm món nước ép bí đao với mật ong

Ingredients for making winter melon juice with honey

How to make winter melon juice with honey

Step 1: Preparation

In order for the winter melon juice not to be sour and difficult to drink, you should wash, peel, and remove the intestines when buying melons. To reduce the aroma and remove the surrounding bacteria, cut into long pieces and boil for about 3 minutes.

Sơ chế nguyên liệu


step 2: Straining winter melon

Put the winter melon that has been boiled in the machine, then start filtering the water. After filtering, you add honey, sugar, and salt, stir well, and then you add some ice to make it taste even better.

Finished product

Nước ép bí đao và mật ong

Winter melon with honey

You already had a glass of winter melon juice and honey. The flavor is mildly salty, sweet, and reminiscent of winter melon. It is also quite easy to consume.

How to use winter melon juice effectively?

 Drink winter melon juice before eating to reduce cravings

Use efficient winter melon juice to efficiently lose weight. Utilize a glass of juice prior to meals to decrease cravings and limit the amount of food consumed.

Tập thể dục và áp dụng chế độ ăn kiêng

Exercise and follow a diet

Drinking a little juice in the evening before going to bed will help you stay hydrated, cleanse your body and have a good night's sleep. About two or three times per week, you should consume. Avoid drinking too much because winter melon is a diuretic drink.

Tham khảo những chế độ ăn khoa học

Refer to scientific diets

Friends, in order to have good health and a gorgeous figure, you should refer to a scientific diet and exercise plan!

Note to avoid when using winter melon juice to lose weight

  • Winter melon juice should not be consumed uncooked because it contains chemicals that can upset the stomach.

  • Winter melon juice shouldn't be used continually; instead, it should only be used every other day, 1-2 times each week.

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