About Us

About Us

What does a perfect camping trip look like by your definition: a sunny morning surrounded by loved ones and a hearty meal of deliciously flavored baked goods?

With the perfect experience above, preparation plays a significant role.

You need to plan the number of companions then calculate the necessary equipment. When camping outdoors, the things you bring will not be as complete as in the familiar kitchen.

However, you can ultimately create delicious dishes that are not inferior to everyday life by carrying essential high-quality tools.

Best Reviews Hk is the place for you to find such essential tools.

Our Story

I’m Harry Alston, the founder of Best Reviews Hk. I graduated from college with a major not related to cooking or food. However, I am confident that I can help you in this area, thanks to my passion and research over the past ten years.

My fascination with outdoor cooking and camping activities started when I was a teenager when I first made a BBQ by myself in the backyard. From that moment, I was determined to become proficient in cooking, especially outdoor cooking.

I took many entertaining cooking classes to accomplish the above self-imposed task. But from the first lessons, I didn’t know what I was doing.

I realized that my main problem was that I did not have the most basic understanding of traditional barbecue, and the tools I owned were too sketchy when I only held a kettle and a bag of coals.

Understanding this, I started searching on Google with a bunch of keywords. However, the overwhelming amount of information on the search page overwhelmed me. 

I don’t know if I should use lump coals or briquettes or bring a portable induction cooker or a portable oven when camping.

Of course, I know that many people have the same problem as me: searching for information on the Internet and finding it even harder to understand when they come across so much conflicting advice.

Therefore, from a young age, I wanted to be able to create a forum where all the information that a cooking outdoor and camping enthusiast would need. That’s how Bestreviewshk was founded.

Besides, to create credibility for my website, I have combined with three experts in different fields to bring the most accurate information to readers.

1: David Frame

Name: David Frame

Position: Household appliances


David is a single father, raising two children in a suburban city. He had to take on quite a lot of responsibilities in the family, being both a father and a mother. His two children are extremely hyperactive, they always question everything around them, from everything in the house to the street. He had to work hard at the company about thirty minutes drive from their home, while also taking care of the children.

Every morning he has to get up at 5 am to exercise and prepare breakfast for the kids. He had a hard time getting used to all kinds of appliances and utensils in the house from the smallest things. From the selection of household appliances that are financially suitable, the functions suitable for the needs of the family to the use and cleaning of utensils. He has been on the web to search and consider the options, but the information that matches his needs is not really much. So he went to the stores to scrutinize, consult with friends, and experience for himself to find the right home appliances.

Although that method can help you experience and be able to objectively evaluate all the products before you decide to take them home. However, this method takes a lot of time, he posed a question, why aren’t their websites that aggregate reviews of household products, helping users see the most objective and honest reviews? about the products, they are interested in. Moreover, it saves a lot of time going to stores or finding many sources on websites without knowing the actual uses, functions, and characteristics of those products.

It took him quite a few days to make the decision to create a personal account specializing in evaluating and commenting on household products. With many years of experience in taking care of two children, he is familiar with all household appliances, from popular to high-end, from small brands to famous domestic and foreign brands. with different prices. He hopes that his sharing will help customers have the most objective view, as well as have the optimal choices for their home, especially for busy fathers like taking care of their children. Older brother. He also decided to quit his job at his old company to focus on this job. Setting up a blog specializing in reviews of his household products really received a lot of support from housewives, office workers, everyone responded and cared about his personal page. 

Along with that, people also leave their feedback and share about the products they have experienced, helping David to summarize the reviews of other customers and based on that to score and sort. The order of the products according to the scale helps customers easily see the quality of the products. Therefore, his blog is always evaluated very objectively and receives a lot of attention and trust from people from all over the world. Also from there, you can have more experience about consumable products through.

Education: David graduated from an American public university majoring in design.

2: Senta Rissta

Name: Senta Rissta

Position: Home decoration (interior, exterior)


Senta is a strong girl with personality and loves to explore everything around. From a young age, she loved to watch her grandfather pruning bonsai and carving wooden furniture. All the decorations in the family are almost from the hands of her grandfather and father, sculpted and decorated in a delicate and cozy way. Her house has a workshop that produces all kinds of furniture and exteriors, so with her personality and curiosity, she knows almost every stage of production and completes a finished product. As the only daughter in the family, her father wanted her to major in economics, so that later she could help the family manage the shops and factories, because it was the family’s property.

However, Senta did not quite like the economic field that her father had chosen for her, she often sat and watched and helped him decorate interior and exterior products for her family. Also many times she asked to come along to observe how her father and grandfather designed and arranged products for many families. Gradually it became her hobby, she learned on her own how to decorate her house so that it is luxurious, warm, simple, classic,… She likes to watch decorating videos of designers. interior and exterior, it helps her learn a lot of knowledge such as how to coordinate tones, alternate between materials, add details to the house more colorful or each design in the house. The house will depend on the preferences and style of the homeowner.

She was very hesitant when it came to deciding which major to study, according to her interests and passions or her father’s wishes. Finally, after a period of thinking and finally she had to make the decision to go to the major her father wanted. Because she is the only child in the family, the responsibility may be heavier than her peers. After a period of studying hard and getting too familiar with numbers, one day a friend suddenly asked her how she would choose to decorate her room.

Her friend Marry has moved out to live in her own apartment for work and school, and she wants Senta to give her some ideas on how to decorate the apartment. And of course Senta is extremely excited and enthusiastic to help Marry because it can be said that this is her passion. And it occurred to her to think, what can she do to help people like Mary decorate the interior and exterior of their homes. After some deliberation, she decided to start a blog sharing everything about home decoration, specializing in interior and exterior. She regularly posts articles about decoration trends that develop in the current era, or layouts according to the colors and preferences of the owner. With many years of experience, she also produces detailed and honest reviews of home decoration products. With her keen eye, she is quite easy to give you comments on materials, suggestions on book colors or ways you can clean them easily.

Her blog has received thousands of compliments for helping customers have a broader view of home decor products so they can make the most informed choices.

Education: Senta Rissta graduated from a prestigious university in the US majoring in business administration.

3: Jane Knit

Name: Jane Knit

Position: Outdoor activities, equipment (food related)


Jane is a guy who likes to travel abroad, since he was a child he has loved to explore everything around him, likes to observe things and is extremely fond of outdoor activities. He had hoped to enter the tourism industry to satisfy his passion to explore the world, but the results were not as he expected.

He is currently an office worker, everyday facing the computer, typing on the keyboard and making friends with letters. His colleagues, too, with a lot of work but boringly repetitive, they rarely talk to each other but only communicate when there are jobs that need support. The working atmosphere is quite stressful, making a lively person like him stressed. His boss is also a quiet person, she doesn’t seem to encourage activities outside of work because she thinks everyone is not interested.

In one time his team had a meeting, the company would organize a trip for employees to connect everyone together, the meeting did not get a good response because people didn’t seem to think about this. and seemingly inexperienced. Jane immediately thought of the times when he attended outdoor BBQ sessions, hiked mountains, went to the beach with family and friends, the times out and about that experience brought him and everyone closer together. He had a talk and made his proposal to the boss, about organizing outdoor activities to help people understand each other better, and relieve work pressure. With many years of experience and passion for this activity, he successfully persuaded the boss and played an important role in the organizing committee.

He has compiled a series of detailed lists of outdoor activities, as well as necessary equipment, including catering utensils for everyone. Colleagues were quite surprised at his preparation and thoughtfulness, they participated happily, and became more sociable. They even joked that he was an expert in this field. He thought for a long time about this saying, and came up with an idea that he would share with everyone about it.

With years of accumulated knowledge, and with his own experiences, he has created a blog that reviews and gives notes about outdoor activities, the equipment you need to bring for each activity. motion, or devices that help you survive, cook.Surprisingly, his shares received a lot of compliments, as well as suggestions for people to relieve stress, connect family and friends through outdoor activities. His reviews are said to be quite honest, detailed and useful for readers. His number of followers increased rapidly, his articles were shared widely on websites and received many comments sharing experiences from people through the devices they use. From there, it helps him to evaluate them more objectively and make more general comments about them.

Education: Jane graduated from a school on the outskirts of the city with a major in office accounting.

Our Mission

Although I have a strong passion for cooking and camping equipment, in reality, I cannot succeed without the help of a team of people with the same passion and high expertise.

With the help of associates, Best Reviews Hk has become a prestigious address where you can find:

  • Basic knowledge of BBQ, cooking outdoors, and camping: I understand the difficulty of beginners when learning about the above issues. Therefore, my team and I always try to provide the most valuable and understandable information and advice.
  • Recommend the best outdoor cooking and camping products: We understand the importance of owning the perfect cookware. Because the right tools not only make it easier for you to carry on a picnic easier to manipulate, thereby creating more delicious and nutritious dishes.

You will find on our website that we offer a wide range of product reviews, from the small air fryer filet knife to the juicer camping grill.

  • Sharing the passion for cooking outdoors and camping: As mentioned, we are a group of people with a special love for cooking picnicking, especially BBQ dishes.

Therefore, if you share the same passion with us, don’t forget to leave your comments. Bestreviewshk will not simply be a review site but also a place where you can find people with similar interests.

Why Can You Trust Us?

Agree that now with just a few clicks, you can find many websites with similar topics to Bestreviewshk. However, you have a lot of reasons to trust us, specifically:

Accuracy Information

I’ve been interested in this field since I was a teenager. Besides, I also own a team of highly qualified professionals. All advice and information on the website have been thoroughly checked to ensure it is accurate, functional, and up-to-date.

We also regularly consult with nutritionists in cooking and camping equipment. Therefore, even if you accidentally read an article on the website, you can still find interesting and helpful information.


On Bestreviewshk, you can find product reviews related to outdoor cooking or camping. We have added links to online sales pages along with the above considerations.

It will save you time searching, but still be able to own products from reputable sources, and help us receive a small commission if your purchase is successful.

However, this does not mean that our recommendations are only to collect commissions or advertising orders of brands.

Instead, all products are objectively evaluated on both advantages and disadvantages and the most suitable users. With all of the information, you can find the product that best suits your individual needs.

Thoroughly edited

The success of Bestreviewshk not only comes from a highly qualified team but also from experienced editors. Writers with many years of operation in this field always bring high accuracy and integrity articles.

Email: contactbes[email protected]

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